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News from the Humanities Faculty

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News from the Humanities Faculty
9 Feb

It has been a busy term in the Humanities Faculty.

Our Year 11 Religious Studies students took part in an evening ghost hunt at Fort Amherst as part of their studies into the paranormal. Students learnt about the ghostly happenings connected to the fort and had a truly spooky experience.

Year 7 History and RE students immersed themselves in the amazing history of Canterbury Cathedral. Students learnt about Christianity and pilgrimage, as well as the gruesome murder of Thomas Becket. Finally, we have seen the founding of the History Society and this month Mr Amos tasked students with researching and delivering talks on aspects of history that interested them. Talks ranged from the development of human culture, The Crusades, Ancient Egypt, Wars of the Roses, and the wives of Henry VIII; to name just a few! Some students had the honour of presenting to Mr Boyes and at the conclusion of the symposium, members received a diploma from guests of honour, Head of History Mr Pollard and Head of the Humanities Faculty Mrs Allen.