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Sports Partnership - Cross Country

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Sports Partnership - Cross Country
22 Feb

A busy and exciting event took place on Wednesday 7th February for our local Sports Partnership Schools.

Cross country girls race

The Primary School Cross Country Event – A chance for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils to run in a large field of runners and an opportunity to get great race experience. It can be intimidating or exciting standing on the start line with around 60 other children from different schools. Feeling queasy? Got butterflies? That’s a great thing – it means the blood is pumping away from your stomach and towards your muscles, getting you ready to perform! Take a few deep breaths and they’re off…

Primary cross country boys race

The noise from the cheering onlookers gives a great start to the race. The first bend and into the long stretch of the field and the cheering noise becomes more distant, the pack starts to break up – it’s easy to slow down or walk. Keep going – pain is temporary. Running is just as much mental as it physical, keep focussed and remain positive, no matter where you are in the pack.


All the participants in each of the races completed the course, demonstrating courage, determination and resilience. Someone else winning does not take away from your success. Reflect on your own performance and find at least one part of your run that you were proud of. Well done to all the participants and a big thank you to the staff for your support.